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  • Saratoga Springs “Drinkhall”

    Saratoga Springs “Drinkhall”

    I was in Saratoga Springs this week (more photos and posts soon) but I wanted to highlight the beautiful Saratoga Springs Visitor Center, and the history of the building. The building was originally built in 1915 to serve as a Trolley Station. It was commonly known as “The Drinkhall”, since it was repurposed as a…

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  • NYS Fair –  Horticulture Building

    NYS Fair – Horticulture Building

    Of all of the buildings at the historic NYS Fairgrounds, the Horticulture Building might be my favorite. Not only does it feature my favorite displays of the fair (e.g. NYS Maple, beekeepers, and garden clubs), but the building is beautiful. Constructed in 1931, the ornate building features beautiful terracotta tiles and detailed brickwork.

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  • The Viaduct at Letchworth State Park

    The Viaduct at Letchworth State Park

    My first visit to Letchworth State Park was in November 2000 – I’ve been back countless times.  Each time I find myself passing through the area, I make a point to stop by the park – no matter the season or the weather.  I’ve camped, hiked, and boated there and taken hundreds of photographs. Letchworth is my…

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