• Endicott Tiger Pride Mural

    Endicott Tiger Pride Mural

    Another great mural! This one is located in Endicott, NY near Ideal Alley (at Garfield and Monroe). The mural was painted by Vince Ballentine, an incredible visual artist from Brooklyn, NY (@vballentine99). Union-Endicott’s school teams are named the Tigers, and orange and black are the official colors of the school district and Endicott, NY. This…

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  • Bethlehem, PA

    Bethlehem, PA

    Bethlehem is home to the Moravian Church, which still operates centrally from Bethlehem. The Moravians established a town in the 18th Century (1741) naming it Bethlehem, after the Biblical town Bethlehem of Judea. Today, many of the original buildings remain, and the Church and Moravian University are still a critical part of the city. View…

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  • Scranton: The Electric City

    Scranton: The Electric City

    Here’s a video to show the colorful lighting present on the Scranton Electric Building sign. In 2014, the sign was renovated and relit with colorful LED bulbs. The original lighting used incandescent bulbs, of course, and was first lit in the 1930’s. Scranton is called “The Electric City” because it was one of the first…

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  • Erastus Corning II Tower

    Erastus Corning II Tower

    Erastus Corning II Tower (1973) was named for Albany NY’s long-time mayor, who served the city for over 40 years, from 1941 to 1983. It’s the tallest skyscraper in New York State outside of NYC. Corning Tower – and the others on the Plaza – have facades of marble and glass. While the architecture on…

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  • Smoky Upstate

    Smoky Upstate

    The first photo is overlooking the Hudson River in Albany toward Rensselaer. The second shows The Egg and Corning Tower, also in Albany, obscured by smoke and haze. Due to the terrible wildfires in Canada, the air quality throughout much of New York (a Canadian neighbor) has plunged. While this limits outdoor activities for many…

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  • Good Morning Albany!

    Good Morning Albany!

    It’s a beautiful day at the Capitol!

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  • Albany’s Hudson River Way & Riverfront Park

    Albany’s Hudson River Way & Riverfront Park

    Take a walk with me along the Hudson River! Albany’s pedestrian walkways and the Skyway provide access to the Albany Riverfront including the Port of Albany and the Corning Preserve. If you are following the Empire State Trail …

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