• Bethlehem, PA

    Bethlehem, PA

    Bethlehem is home to the Moravian Church, which still operates centrally from Bethlehem. The Moravians established a town in the 18th Century (1741) naming it Bethlehem, after the Biblical town Bethlehem of Judea. Today, many of the original buildings remain, and the Church and Moravian University are still a critical part of the city. View…

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  • Luzerne County Courthouse

    Luzerne County Courthouse

    The Luzerne County Courthouse is a historic courthouse located in Wilkes-Barre, PA. The courthouse is registered on the National Register of Historic Places (1980), the Classic Revival style courthouse was built starting in 1906 and features a 53-foot diameter domed rotunda. The interior is full of historic paintings and sculpture referencing the history and natural…

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