DIY Green Screen Title Card

Building a DIY Green Screen Frame

This brief video demonstrates how to make a low cost, expandable stand and frame for a green screen or printed background. Using less than $20 USD in materials (PVC pipe) and very few tools, you can create a collapsible green screen frame that can be used behind you when webcasting, streaming or holding Zoom, Skype or Teams meetings. In addition to showing you how to create the frame, there’s a brief demo showing you how to set up OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) for use with the green screen (chroma key) and iMovie.

Materials List:

  • 5 Feet of 1/2 Inch PVC Pipe 4 qty
  • 2 Feet of 1/2 Inch PVC Pipe 6 qty
  • 1/2 Inch Elbow PVC Fitting 2 qty
  • 1/2 Inch Tee PVC Fitting 4 qty
  • 1/2 Inch PVC Coupler 2 to 4 qty
  • Spring Clamps (Qty Varies)

A small rubber hammer is recommended if you have trouble seating the pipe, and you will need a small hand saw or other pipe cutter for a few cuts. You want to be able to put this together and take it apart easily – so no adhesive is used. I recommend getting some smaller pieces of pipe from your local big box home improvement store to reduce cuts and make the job a bit easier. If you want to be a bit more economical and have the tools and space, longer single pieces are generally less expensive.

This project will take roughly one hour for most DIYers.